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Guittard French Vanilla Dark Chocolate Wafers – 50 lb. Case


The Guittard Chocolate Company is one of only ten chocolate makers in the US, and one of few that works directly with growers, long before harvest. An expert team at Guittard travels the world, working closely with growers to assess the development of individual crops and to oversee the fermentation and drying process of the cacao beans. 

Whether working with the bold and traditional, or the unique flavors and characteristics of rare heirloom varieties, Guittard is constantly searching for that elusive blend or single origin bean from which to develop a whole new and exciting chocolate experience. 

The Guittard French Vanilla Dark Chocolate bar is a well rounded medium dark chocolate bar with a distinct vanilla flavor. With it’s medium dark color, 54% cocoa solids content and robust flavor, the French Vanilla Dark Chocolate bar produces a vanilla dark chocolate taste every single time. 

Certified Kosher

***Hot Weather Warning!!***

We are not liable for products melting during shipping. Due to temperature variations across the country that are out of our control, we cannot guarantee the unmelted or melted status of chocolate products that are shipped during the warm months. We strongly advise cold packs.


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