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Callebaut Belgian Semi-Sweet Callets – 44 lb. Case


Callebaut Belgian Semi-Sweet Chocolate Callets are produced using the same famous recipe that is used to produce Callebaut’s Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate 811NV bar, the difference being the much smaller chip sized finished product. Much like its’ big chocolate bar brother the Belgian Semi Sweet Callets are an allround dark couverture. It has become a true reference among professionals. Its balance in taste, colour and texture fits many applications and is well perceived by a very broad audience. With almost the perfect combination of cocoa percentages, 54.5% cocoa solids, this semi-sweet dark chocolate bar is sure to satisfy even the most refined of chocolate connoisseurs!

***Hot Weather Warning!!***

During the summer months, chocolate may arrive melted. This does not compromise the chocolate, simply remelt and use.


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